The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post Two

The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post Two

side yard 11AM 20 02 2015

For crying out loud there is no need to panic just because One Direction MAY be in the path of the cyclone. I can hum and I know some dances by heart.  I got an A in square dancing and you do remember I grew up on the Canadian Prairies … let me tell you square dancing excellence there is like “whoa.”

(You can have the people in the office do a whole montage of “whoaing.” )

You can rest assured that if One Direction are out of commission for a couple of days because the storm strands them, I am ready and willing to pick up the slack.   You just have to promise to have my back if they are really upset when they get back that everyone has forgotten about them.  I have that impact on people.

So here are the update photos with some before and after pics of the side of the house.  These new ones were all taken at 11:00 AM.

 side yard 6AM 20 02 2015  swing and tree 11AM 20 02 2015

side yard 2 11AM 20 02 2015 garage door 11AM 20 02 2015

I did note the huge water dragon was out casing out the yard last night, probably for where the water slide was going to go, and the huge soaking pools.  No-one enjoys the back yard water games more than our water dragon.

This morning I interrupted some early fun and sent him running for cover when I came out to get photos.  I will try to sneak up on him although I am not Australian and lack some of the genes necessary for water dragon sneaking up on.

Hubby came back from the gymn to say there were fewer people than normal.  Some people will use any excuse to get out of exercise.  They are probably all at home drinking big glasses of milk.

right back yard 11AM 20 02 2015

left back yard 11AM 20 02 2015

Oh ya and not impressed with all the worms which have managed to wiggle their way to higher ground like on our patio and IN our garage proving that worms are not as stupid as they look as I cannot figure out how they managed to secure the garage door opener and get it open without us hearing anything.  It is either that OR as I have said many times, worms emit a high frequency electronic beam and are trying to take over our minds.  A garage door would be NOTHING to them.

I am not at all bitter that I cannot sleep out of worry for the birds and God saves the worms.  Who the hell is praying for the worms?  If they can’t swim they have no business being in the ground in the first place.  I just want them gone.

Stay tuned more to come.

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