The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post One

The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post One

normal yard

In case you have been living under a rock, or are busy watching reruns of Game of Thrones, Australia is getting hammered with 2 cyclones.  If I had to be anywhere in the world with people about to deal with 2 natural disasters at once, I would pick Australia hands down.  No-one has such a sense of team work when it comes to anything they face, as Australians do. They hitch up their pants and meet whatever is at hand, head on.  They are fearless and caring and always maintain a sense of humour.  I think it is because they don’t want people to worry, especially about them.  They’ll “be right.”

Let’s be clear.  This is a category 5 storm.  It is not a laughing matter.  I am laughing because I have a long history of inappropriate laughing.  Please see my school report cards, the minister at the funeral I attended when 13, and my children re: other natural disasters we have survived.  Oh and some of the thought police here on the internet who have labelled me inappropriate period .. not just with laughing.

I laugh because it makes me feel better.  Tracy was a category 5 when it wiped out Darwin in 1974.   Katrina was a category 5 when it took out New Orleans in 2005.

I have been living in Australia for about 10 years now and have escaped past cyclones either because we were not in their direct path or I was out of country.  This is my first hands on, I am living it.  I have survived Canadian winters, tornado’s, winter roads and drivers from hell, and even some spring flooding . . . but never a cyclone.  I will survive this too .. just so you know.  I am happy to experience them all but the surviving part is non negotiable.   I insist that all my Australian friends survive this one with me.

So how this goes is that we see the cyclones developing and we follow them closely and when it becomes clear they are going to involve us in their travels, we get serious.  We have had constant rain for a couple of days in preparation for this. Yesterday, when he finished at the gym, hubby thought he should probably pick up another milk just in case we are cut off with the flooding.

You should have everyone in your office gather round your desk and help with the costumes and sound effects so that you can make this a multi-dimensional experience with me.  My name is Aria and I will be your tour guide.  Please have someone start to laugh hysterically and slap their thighs here.  If someone in the office “snorts” when they laugh, pick them.

The store shelves were already empty.   I am talking Wednesday when the storm will hit us Friday.  That completely blows our social calendar for the next week.  Now that “milk shopping” is out of the question, I have no idea what we are going to do to while away the hours.  Milk shopping IS the big deal for social activity here.

I suppose people panic.  If it looks like they are going to be cut off from the store or from electricity for a couple of days, everyone loses it.  What do you do if you can’t watch TV or surf the net for a date, a new dress, or a date IN a new dress?You eat of course.  In shopping aisles all over Gympie yesterday you heard things like, “this might be our last time ever to be able to eat this stuff, grab some more of those shrimp puffs!”

Hence there are no more shrimp puffs …. or milk.

I figure beer on the cereal … why not?  We are in survival mode here.

At the top of this post is a picture of our far back yard in normal times.  You can maybe barely see the creek water at the end of the grass.  Here was the creek and back yard after 2 days of showers. There were done early this morning.

right back yard 7AM 02 2015

left back yard 7AM 02 2015

 The cyclone will hit us later today.   It should be down to a category 2 by the time it is over us BUT we also will have a king tide to contend with which means that the tide will be about 2.5 metres above what it is regularly.  You should note that the Australians made up the term “king tide.”  They don’t wait around for science or stuff like that, they probably made it up one day, waiting for a cyclone, when all the milk was gone and there was nothing to do.   It is called “Let’s make up Stuff.”  The winner gets a coupon for a free glass of milk once the shelves are replenished.

So to make that real for you … that is the difference between water IN the creek you are seeing here and water IN the swimming pool as shown here – it is behind the iron fencing.  The creek is way down at the bottom left of the picture.

difference with king tide

You could have people in the office burst into applause for the Australians/King Tide thing.  Someone should applaud them.  No-one has yet.

It has been raining for the past two days.  My hubby is like this weather savant dude.  He looks at the sky and tells everyone what is coming.  He contradicts the weather man and is right.  All the golf guys basically ask him if they are playing tomorrow or not, they don’t even bother with the government reports anymore.  They think he is brilliant.  I think he is annoying.  Last night, in the middle of the night, he got up and closed some windows and opened others.  I asked him what he was doing and he said. “The rain is coming straight down now.”

“So you can lie here in the dark and just know that?”


“How can you do that?”

“I just can.”

“I am listening to the same rain and it sounds exactly the same as it did 5 minutes ago.”

“Nope, big difference.”

(tell the office people to stop clapping, he doesn’t need any encouragement)

He might have been wrong, but to prove him wrong I would have had to get out of bed and go out in the rain and while I like nothing more than me being right and him being wrong, aeronautical pigs had more of a chance than me getting out of that bed.

I did lie awake worrying.  I worried about my birds.  What happens to them in a cyclone?  It was the first question I asked my savant weather dude/hubby this morning.  “Where do the birds go in a cyclone?”

“They go wherever the 250 km wind throws them.”

(People can cry here, I did.)

But when I started crying he assured me that they find hiding places.

My hubby does the practical stuff.  I do the hysteria.  We are a great team.  When they pull out the life rafts, he will be making sure they are fully stocked, that everyone has a life jacket on, etc.  I will be screaming and crying that we are all going to die.  I am the one people vote to  push out of the boat first if we have to choose and then I get to stay because they realize they don’t get him without me.  God made this miracle of our union just to keep me alive.  Yes, I am that special.  You can’t see me right now but I am twinkling.  All God’s special gifts twinkle.

Ok so stay tuned for complete weather updates from the Canadian and the Australian Weather Savant.  It will be much more entertaining than those people on the TV who just keep blah blahhing numbers at you.  This way you can tell everyone at the bar later that you KNOW someone who lives here and tell them what I tell you.  Then one day you can write a book and talk about the incredible influence I had on your life and your way of thinking.  I think it would be the right thing to do considering how giving I am being right now.

Ok, talk soon.

Make sure you subscribe so that you get all the updates.  Did I say that out loud?  All of your office people should be running to their computers now and clicking on and subscribing.  Then they should each phone 10 friends.  It is in the best interest of international relationships.  Canalians, Austradians forever!

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