The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post Four

The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post Four


The Sunshine Coast RACQ CareFlight Rescue crew has taken these photographs while on a mission to airlift a patient from Gympie Hospital this morning.  (See story in Gympie Times)


And now for the flooding. ABC news re:  Gympie.

Well we are flooded in.  Both bridges are out.  We are staying put until a later date.

Everything is good, despite not having any milk to drink.

Meanwhile I have seen people in other communities on the news who are greatly relieved the stores are open so they can go shopping, “supplies were getting low.” If other people actually consume that much food and milk overnight that being unable to shop for one day puts them in peril . . . I apologize.  Our groceries and milk last us for days and at any given time we have more than enough food to outlast a couple weeks without a store easily and much longer with a limited menu.

I cannot believe how bad some communities have been hit, and once again people just get on with the business of cleaning up and rebuilding – which often takes months of hard work.  As I said, the Australians are a remarkable people.   Their homes might be going down but there is always someone out there taking advantage of the great waves.

Hubby is disappointed the water has completely receded in the back yard.  He got a kayak for Christmas and has only been able to practice in the swimming pool thus far.  Stroke, turn the boat around, stroke, turn the boat around ….  He could have taken it in while the water was there but he said he would have had to keep batting the water dragons out of the way.  They had taken over the lake.

I did tell him I could cause more flooding.  I did it once before and I could do it again.  I had a landlord once where the house got flooded.  When I phoned to tell him we had to abandon the house for our own safety, he phoned the neighbour to see if it was true and everyone was flooded, or whether I was just out there with the hose causing water damage to his property.  I guess in his world people do that kind of thing.  I am always impressed with the super powers some people think other people have.  I am Flood  Woman, able to divert an entire river to take out most of a south end of a province in a single bound.

Anyway I survived an Australian Cyclone.

Now I am locked in with the neighbours.  The same neighbours who stand in the trees and spy on us at night.  Thank heavens we did not lose the electricity or we might have had to stand in the trees to spy on them.  And then, what if we ran into each other . . .  in the trees . . . spying on each other?  Would we actually have to speak to one another?  And who would get whose cooties first?  I don’t think we even have a bike stand to meet them at for the big rumble that would have to ensue.  Rumbling might be prohibited under the flooding laws, I am not sure.  We could probably ensue but not rumble.  I think rumbling is up there with looting and I have already been in most of the neighbours houses at night when they have been sleeping and there isn’t really anything there worth looting.

The illegal rabbits some idiot had and let loose, who now inhabit our yard, are lying around like they own the place. They obviously know the council could not get over here to trap them, at least not for the next couple of days.   People are wandering in off the road for photos.  I am pretending it is life as normal which is fairly easy when you close your eyes, or put the head phones on and turn up the volume.  Hubby finally cleaned out his office and found all the things I told him were in his office but it would take a natural disaster for anyone to find anything in there.  He has real potential for that TV Show about hoarding if he puts his mind to it. Meanwhile I got to do the “I told you so” look complete with eye movements, shoulder shrugs, and dismissive walking away routine.

So thanks folks, you can put the prayer beads away, and the plastic dashboard Jesus, Buddha and hula girl.  It’s all over.  Hubby has measured the rain, searched the skies, let the guys know they should be good to golf tomorrow, although the buggies won’t be allowed for a couple more days, and let everyone know we won’t be having any rain for the next few days. I am mopping his fervoured little savant brow as I type this.  I am gifted remember.  Being a weather savant is hard yakka. We will wade on outta here as soon as the water goes down.  Until next time … take care!

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